“Okay, so Taken is junk. Obviously. It’s reactionary father-knows-best-because-he-used-to-murder-people-for-a-living nonsense, implicitly reinforcing all sorts of xenophobic paranoias and insidious patriarchal hierarchies. But it’s also absurdly entertaining to watch Neeson cut a bloody swath through Paris leaving countless dead bodies in his wake.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/28/2009

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Waltz With Bashir

“There’s something deeply disconcerting about Ari Folman’s Waltz With Bashir, a sense that the film is keeping its distance. The story it tells is compelling, at times even harrowing. But with so many stylistic standpoints and told with such a flat lack of affect, the movie remains elusive. It’s a fluid, slippery thing that seems to be discovering itself as you watch it.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/21/2009

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My Bloody Valentine

“Sadly, this isn’t the Kevin Shields biopic we’ve all been waiting for. Instead we’ve got a curiously faithful remake of the no-budget 1981 Canadian slasher flick that was perhaps best left ignored on VHS shelves ages ago. It’s strictly paint- by-numbers, puritanical kill-the-horny-kids garbage, with the usual Freudian minefield of vengeful penetrations.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/21/2009

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“Is Edward Zwick the dullest filmmaker in America? He’s certainly one of the most infuriating–time and again discovering fascinating stories buried in the corners of history, only to invariably balloon them out into lumbering white elephants, embalmed in the icky molasses of awards-season prestige and corny Hollywood contrivances.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/14/2009

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The Wrestler 2

“Here at last is a real sequel to the original Rocky, suffused with quiet desperation, squalid backdrops and earthy humor. Even if it doesn’t end the way you want it to, The Wrestler ends the way it should, with a hauntingly perfect final shot, just before the heartbreaking Springsteen song kicks in over the closing credits. Welcome back, Mickey.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/06/2009

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