Two Lovers

“Whether it’s Phoenix pulling out the stops for a break-dancing bonanza, or Paltrow’s over-the-top breast-baring declarations of adoration, Two Lovers conjures the heedless rush of true romance. And yet somehow the movie remains clear-eyed enough to question how much of this all is just immature delusions.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 02/25/2009

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“Right now it seems like there aren’t any godfathers like Corman steering the way for undiscovered talent. It’s a lot of shlocky banks handing out money to rip-off a box cover that looks like the box cover of another successful movie. You know you’re always gonna find your market if you have enough car crashes and cleavage in your movie.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 02/20/2009

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The Reader

“Funny how Pitt just gave the performance of his career in Burn After Reading, but gets nominated instead for standing around like a slack-jawed imbecile for three hours in Benjamin Button.  But I’ll give The Reader credit for making a Holocaust movie you can masturbate to. It’s been a long time since The Night Porter.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 02/18/2009

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Friday The 13th

“The biggest difference here isn’t in the sleek production values, silicone boobs and distinct air of Hollywood fakery you’d never find in the original porny efforts. It’s that Bay and Nipsel zero in on their target audience for ridicule. Nerds and Star Wars fanboys die miserably in this picture. They’re caught masturbating and are eviscerated.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 02/18/2009

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The International

“Tom Tykwer’s The International is an expertly crafted load of hokum. It’s goofy as hell, suffering from broad missteps that typically befall recently imported European art-film directors whenever they attempt to tackle the Hollywood genre product. It’s tone-deaf, as if nobody’s quite certain how seriously they’re supposed to take all this nonsense.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 02/11/2009 

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