Monsters Vs Aliens

“There’s a pleasingly retro vibe to Monsters Vs. Aliens that’s quite in keeping with its 1950s B-movie title. It might as well be a period piece—full of skinny ties, Brylcreamed hairdos and backyard barbecues—with the creature designs and sets looking like a vision of the future that somebody might have had a long time ago.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 03/25/2009

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“Cage shrieks and wails, as expected. He’s already in fifth gear during the opening scenes, so by the time the second hour rolls around, all he can do to top himself is drop to his knees while pounding his fists in the dirt and bellowing, Wicker Man-style. The good news is that M. Night Shyamalan doesn’t have to feel quite so ashamed of himself anymore.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 03/25/2009

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“Bitterly hilarious, Tony Gilroy’s sophomore feature Duplicity manages to come off so breezy and delightful in its old-school, classic studio-era Hollywood charms, one could almost be forgiven for relaxing into the effervescence of the thing and never realizing how despairingly cynical it truly is. That would be a mistake.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 03/19/2009

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Crossing Over

“Cloddishly attempting to apply Traffic’s multi-storyline structure to our post-9/11 immigration dilemmas, Wayne Kramer’s Crossing Over is the most annoying kind of message movie—a lifeless slog in which characters stand around spouting statistics, often with all the wit and vivacity of a PowerPoint presentation.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 03/11/2009

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“Notoriously unadaptable, Moore’s landmark doorstop is something like the Finnegans Wake of superhero comics, a brainy monolith that deconstructs itself while you’re reading. This is such an obsessively detailed, richly realized universe, it takes the film well over an hour to establish all the players and their histories before the story can get started.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 03/04/2009

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