The Solosit

“What an unfortunate accident of timing that, less than a year after brilliantly eviscerating actors grubbing for awards by playing the disabled with his notorious ‘full retard’ monologue in Tropic Thunder, Robert Downey Jr. somehow wound up in The Soloist.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/28/2009

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“Of course, calling a movie ‘too humane’ isn’t really all that much of a complaint, and perhaps the lack of emotional extremity suits the film’s subject matter. Sugar is about professional athletes bound not for glory, nor even infamy—but somewhere in the Minor League middle, where dreams must answer to reality.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/22/2009

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Crank 2

Crank: High Voltage’s sole reason for being is to out-gross and gross-out its kicky 2006 predecessor. This sequel is bigger, dumber and even sicker than the charmingly rotgut original, and if that doesn’t sound like such a good idea then this will probably be the longest 96 minutes of your life.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/22/2009

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“The Maestro’s most rambunctious, accessible film. Full of vibrant colors, bawdy humor and bittersweet nostalgia, it’s a loosely connected collection of anecdotes. Everything in Amarcord is just a little bit bigger, brighter and more dramatic than reality—which is how we tend to remember things. Especially childhood.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/15/2009

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Observe And Report

“A raunchy, cheap-shot knee-slapper with disturbing glimpses of psychosis, plus a few startling blasts of graphic violence. The result might be the most tonally fucked major studio comedy since The Cable Guy, capped by a punch line that’s so outrageously wrong, I instantly forgave Hill for everything and can’t wait to see what he does next.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/08/2009

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“Anthology films are like communism or the rhythm method—things that work much better in theory than actual practice. Sure, the prospect of teaming up a bunch of top-shelf directors for similarly themed shorts is certainly tantalizing, but the best you can usually hope for is a mixed bag with maybe one gem buried in there somewhere.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/08/2009

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“A John Hughes movie directed by François Truffaut. The laughter is weirdly muted, and there’s a rueful longing that undercuts the farce. At heart, this is the story of a kid discovering that the world is really a much smaller, sadder place than he’d ever imagined. It’s gangly, deeply felt and ends at least a scene or two after it probably should. Still, lovely.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/01/2009

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