Rudo Y Cursi

“There are some awesomely tacky details lurking around the margins. But Cuaron can’t ever quite overcome the been-there, done-that feeling that sinks his rags-to-riches-to-rags cautionary tale. Every scene in Rudo Y Cursi goes exactly where you already guessed it would, at least 10 minutes before finally getting there.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 05/27/2009

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The Brothers Bloom

“There’s a thin line between skillful artifice and labored affectation. For a movie so concerned with the slight of hand between illusion and reality, a more grounded, less whimsical approach would have sufficed. But the central questions linger in your mind, even after Johnson overstays his welcome with a few too many twists.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 05/20/2009

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Summer Movie Preview

“A few guys throw a bachelor party in Las Vegas, only to wake up from the alcoholic blackout missing some teeth, their dignity and the groom. (Sounds like just another weekend at the Burns household.) The Hangover is being touted as this season’s raunch-comedy sleeper, with Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis poised for breakout stardom.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 05/13/2009

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The Limits Of Contron

“Repetition is key, repetition is key, repetition is key. If you’re in the right frame of mind, The Limits of Control’s cyclical, meditative groove might possibly be transporting. But—ironically for a film so concerned with repetition—too much of Limits feels recycled from Jarmusch’s earlier, better films.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 05/13/2009

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Angels And Demons

“I’ve never read any of Dan Brown’s massively popular Robert Langdon novels, so you must forgive me for asking: Are these books as ridiculously fucking stupid as the films they’ve inspired? I guess you can call Angels and Demons a step up from The Da Vinci Code, if only because it’s a good deal more frantic and unhinged.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 05/13/2009

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Every Little Step

“Why A Chorus Line? Why now? When staging a revival, must one aim to replicate the earlier production or approach the material a new angle? These questions don’t just go unanswered, they aren’t even asked. Halfway through the film you’ll be scanning the screen for phone numbers and instructions on how to vote for your favorites.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 05/13/2009

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Star Trek

“Captures the upbeat sense of adventure that defined Gene Roddenberry’s original 1960s series. Abrams conjures the camaraderie, the easy humor and most importantly the swagger we associate with headstrong Jim Kirk and his logical, pointy-eared pal. Rare for a landscape dominated by dour popcorn blockbusters, this one isn’t afraid to be fun.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 05/06/2009

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