Whatever Works

“Woody Allen has at long last returned to Manhattan, misanthropy and neurosis. And also to that weird fixation in which younger women can’t help but find him irresistible. I might be in the minority, but I call it a comeback. Or maybe not. 
It’s stagey, half-baked and overly reliant on lazy caricatures and cheap zingers. It’s also really fucking funny.
” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/24/2009

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“Oh, how the past 21 years have taken their toll. Michelle Pfeiffer’s no longer playing the Reese Witherspoon part, for you Cruel Intentions fans. Pfeiffer’s now that sassy, sexy woman of a certain age, and the sad sigh you might have overheard in the screening room was this writer realizing his boyhood crush has graduated to the Glenn Close role.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/24/2009

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The Taking Of Pelham 123

“Gandolfini is extraordinary, by the way. The one performer here who wouldn’t be out of place in Sargent’s 1974 original, he’s playing a pissed-off politician counting the days until the end of his single term, disgraced by a sex scandal and a secret loathing of the Yankees. ‘I left my Rudy Giuliani suit at home,’ he wheezes.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/10/2009

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Easy Virtue

“Presumably the first Noël Coward adaptation to prominently feature a Billy Ocean song, director Stephan Elliot’s exasperatingly antic staging of Coward’s 1924 play Easy Virtue feels like being elbowed in the ribs for two hours by an insecure comedian who wants to make sure you absolutely, positively understand how funny everything is.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/03/2009

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Drag Me To Hell

“Every bit as classy and sophisticated as its title would lead you to believe, Drag Me to Hell is a pleasingly retro, gross-out lark that finds Raimi taking a smoke break from Spider-Man tentpoles and returning to his Evil Dead, B-movie roots. Not a movie likely to be enjoyed by cat lovers.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/03/2009

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