“Husbands is the ultimate ‘men behaving badly’ movie, as the three carry on like overgrown children for the majority of these 142 minutes. They drink, smoke, swear, start trouble and pick up broads—lashing out at the world and each other, frantically bantering, bellowing and clowning around, anything to stave off the inevitable acceptance of death.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/26/2009

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Cold Souls

“Proving not only that she’s seen Being John Malkovich but also that she liked it very, very much, writer-director Sophie Barthes’ debut feature attempts to ape Charlie Kaufman’s trademarked metaphysical whimsy with leaden, deadening results. Kaufman need not lose any sleep.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/26/2009

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Inglourious Basterds

“For all intents and purposes it’s the Kill Bill of World War II movies. With a handful of smartly crafted and divinely inspired moments, the film is impossible to dismiss. But, as is often the case with Tarantino’s post-1990’s output, great scenes are adrift in an undisciplined sea of ugly-spirited, 
juvenile self-indulgence.
” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/19/2009

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District 9

“The action is admittedly thrilling and well-staged, but lacks the subversive spark of District 9’s early reels. The movie deflates as it goes along. After you’ve watched a doomed alien race become obsessed with cat food and Nigerian prostitutes, gunfights don’t seem all that impressive anymore. Even when the guns shoot lightening bolts.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/19/2009

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GI Joe
“As far as summer blockbusters based on 1980’s animated television programs designed to advertise crappy plastic Hasbro toys to children, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra turns out to be a slightly more pleasurable experience than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. But then again, so is a prolapsed colon—we’re talking seriously faint praise here.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/12/2009
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Julie & Julia

“Hardly ridden with conflict, Julie & Julia doesn’t have much at stake beyond Child occasionally butting heads with snooty Cordon Bleu execs and Powell struggling with aspics. Yet in a way the lack of incident is strangely refreshing, as the movie is really all about finding something you love and doing it well.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/05/2009

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Funny People

“Bitterly clear-eyed about the consequences of Apatow-ian perpetual adolescence, it’s a dark, unpleasant movie that feels like it comes from somewhere personal. Sandler is fearless. Pulling no punches, he shows us just enough of the lost, sad soul inside that we can almost tolerate his breathtaking selfishness.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/05/2009

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