“Clocking in at a brisk 81 minutes, the movie knows how to get in and out before wearing out its welcome. But be careful how much you read about it in advance, as nearly a quarter of the film is devoted to a surprising detour involving a secret Special Guest Star that only a bastard would reveal.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/30/2009

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“Out of all the art-house clichés that need to be retired, we should first put to rest the sprawling multi-character narrative in which a large cast of casual acquaintances suffer bite-sized, thematically similar crises in harmony, while the audience is invited to muse on the profound inter-connectedness of this whole crazy ‘life’ business.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/30/2009

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“I must be mellowing in my old age, because Michael Moore movies don’t even make me angry anymore. Sure, the films are getting longer and sloppier, the provocations growing more muddled, but the cheap-shot demagogue’s latest muckraker filled me with a sensation previously foreign to the Michael Moore viewing experience: boredom.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/30/2009

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“Israeli checkpoints are nothing to fear compared to the indignities of George W. Bush’s America in writer-director Cherien Dabis’ earnest-to-a-fault immigration melodrama, a Sundance favorite surging with good intentions and fine performances, consistently undercut by hackneyed TV-movie tropes.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/23/2009

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The Informant

“Loosely adapted from a true story about a price-fixing scandal in the food business, The Informant! feels like Michael Mann’s The Insider remade as a Blake Edwards farce. Set in the 1990s but shot as if it were still 1967, Soderbergh favors Day-Glo colors and a brassy, retro Marvin Hamlisch score.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/16/2009

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The Baader Meinhof Complex

“Short on ideological hand-wringing but heavy on propulsive energy, director Uli Edel’s adaptation of Stefan Aust’s nonfiction best-seller presents an exhaustive crash course in 1970s German domestic terrorism as a viciously unromanticized rock ’n’ roll rush of adrenaline. The Baader Meinhof Complex plays like an epic miniseries with all the boring parts cut out.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/09/2009

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World's Greatest Dad

“It’s a troublesome picture. Dark, ugly and very special indeed. I scribbled all these notes into my journal, long before the tragic fates of David Carradine and Michael Jackson threw the themes of World’s Greatest Dad into sicker, more perfect focus. Five months ago it was a lark—now the movie is a 2009 time capsule.
” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/02/2009

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