Sherlock Holmes

“The most pleasant surprise I’ve had at the movies since Star Trek. These guys have the easy, bristling chemistry of a bitchy old married couple, and the biggest lull in Sherlock comes when the screenplay keeps them apart for too long. McAdams and Reilly are just window dressing; the real love story is between Holmes and Watson.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 12/23/2009

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It's Complicated

“Like most Nancy Meyers movies, It’s Complicated wallows alarmingly in ostentatious displays of wealth. But there is no denying the giddy chemistry between Streep and Baldwin. They’re both having so much fun here, it’s contagious. I only hope someday I can take as much pleasure from my work as these two obviously do right now.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 12/23/2009

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“If you’re looking for a phenomenal musical riff on Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2, full of lust, creative conflict, self-lacerating autobiography, dark humor and exceptional dance sequences, the movie is called All That Jazz, and Bob Fosse made it back in 1979. Rob Marshall’s Nine is a travesty. Fellini is lucky that he didn’t live long enough to see it.” – Philadlephia Weekly, 12/23/2009

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“The hackneyed story and one-note characters are just a mere pretext for Cameron to explore the world of Pandora, awash in exotic creatures, neon colors and strange landscapes. Honestly, I found it tacky and garish. It looks like the kind of gaudy, 1970s airbrush painting you’d see on a van owned by your stoner friend who sees too many Rush concerts.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 12/18/2009

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“For such a straightforward, often clumsy crowd-pleaser, Clint Eastwood’s Invictus still feels like a marvel of restraint. One of those movies you admire mainly because you spend most of the time realizing how terrible it probably would’ve been if entrusted to lesser hands, it’s really an exercise in withholding—in doing less with more.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 12/09/2009

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