“If a movie opens in direct competition with The Book of Eli, yet distinguishes itself as an even more hilariously plagiaristic collection of spare cinematic parts … well, that’s something of which to be either proud or deeply ashamed. Perhaps pundits can come up with reasons why the end of the world has become so trendy onscreen, but I’m just sick of it.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/27/2010

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The Book Of Eli

“So is this some thinly veiled, futuristic critique of the Crusades? Doubtful, as the movie doesn’t have enough going on upstairs to suggest it might be a satire. Instead, Washington’s self-righteous Bible quotes feel like hypocritical justifications, making the mayhem sanctimonious for the Red State crowd.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/20/2010

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The White Ribbon

“It’s an elliptical, sumptuously mounted mystery that remains deliberately and maddeningly unsolved. Narrative threads are beside the point, as it’s all about a psychological cancer, eating through a pastoral North German community on the eve of the first World War.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/20/2010

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THe Lovely Bones

“Oscar-feted golden boy Peter Jackson took on Alice Sebold’s beloved novel, and accidentally came up with the kind of shriekingly awful movie that only somebody passionately convinced of his own genius could make. The Lovely Bones isn’t just a lousy picture, it’s so epically bad that it already feels legendary.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/13/2010

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Crazy Heart

“Is there a better actor working today than Jeff Bridges? I doubt it. He’s so comfortable in his own skin, and inhabits his characters with such a laid back lackadaisical air, you’ll never catch him acting. Scott Cooper’s Crazy Heart really isn’t much of a movie, but for at least the first hour, it allows Bridges to do what he does best— hang back and get wasted.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/13/2010

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“Playing out something like an I Was in a Teenage Fight Club, Youth in Revolt is too fuzzily plotted and lazily mounted to ever quite get a handle on the internal battle between Nick Twist and Francois Dillinger. Director Miguel Arteta favors a cheap, DIY aesthetic, missing the fantastical element required by the tale.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/13/2010

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