Preachers Sons

“The story of Reverend Greg Stewart and his husband Stillman, who adopted five deeply troubled, at-risk minority children. These are decent people working as hard as they can to make better lives for these little boys. Someone should have made them a better movie.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/28/2010

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The Square

“This is a tightly plotted, well-made movie. But it’s one we’ve seen countless times. The Edgertons obviously worship at the altar of the Coen Brothers. What they’re missing is their predecessors’ devious wit and almost cosmic sense of inevitability. These two are obviously in complete command of their craft, without bringing anything new to the party.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/21/2010

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“At almost two hours, Kick-Ass feels a bit windy. But the crazy-pants over-the-top finale is so boisterous, kinetic and just plain wrong that it’s impossible not to applaud. (It also contains the greatest Elvis Presley music cue in the history of movies.) I laughed. God help me, I laughed.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/14/2010

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The Greatest

“What I learned from The Greatest, Shane Feste’s extremely misleadingly titled debut, is that Pierce Brosnan cries about as well as he sings.) A soppy chunk of Hallmark grief-porn, it’s a teary-eyed death-sploitation opus from which nobody in the talented cast emerges with any dignity intact.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/07/2010

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