The Killer Inside Me

“The Texas locations are flat. The performances are flat. The cinematography is long-lens, shallow focus without depth of field, which, in layman terms, means it looks wicked flat. The only bumps and curves arrive via Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson, and you won’t want to see what happens to them.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/30/2010

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“A series of comic worst-case scenarios blunted out by the Duplass brothers’ gross, allegedly authentic aesthetic. The cinematography sucks on purpose, but the actors carry the day. Cyrus peters out when it’s just heating up. But as far as mumblecore going electric? Well, I’ve seen worse Hollywood comedies this week.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/30/2010

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The City Of Your Final Destination

“And then there’s Charlotte Gainsbourg, playing not just the dead writer’s scandalous baby mama, but also some sort of idealized figure Ivory can’t quite get his head around. There’s a great movie to be made about some rich guy’s wife and mistress being forced to live together after his demise, but this ain’t it.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/23/2010

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Air Doll

“With everything turning up ’80s at the box office these days, please, nobody tell Kim Cattrall that the idea for a pervy remake of Mannequin has already been swiped by the Japanese with Air Doll, the tragically pokey tale of an inflatable sex doll who magically comes to life in a sad and beautiful world. I can’t wait for the sequel, in which a vibrator goes to college.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/16/2010

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“For anybody who worried that Amelie wasn’t overstylized and cutesy-poo enough, director Jean-Pierre Jeunet finally disappears completely up his own twee-hole with a limp farce about the weapons industry, of all things. Precious does not begin to describe these proceedings.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/16/2010

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Batman Returns

“To capture the inverse cheer of the most dyspeptic Christmas movie until Bad Santa came along, director Tim Burton famously forced his cast to work on soundstages dialed down to meat-locker temperatures so the camera could capture their breath. Nowadays such stuff could be done via computer, but would everybody look so convincingly miserable?” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/16/2010

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Solitary Man

“The Ultimate Michael Douglas Experience. Pulling together echoes of the star’s most iconic roles, it’s a somewhat contrived, if ultimately irresistible, one-man show of arrogant entitlement and aching vulnerability. The movie wouldn’t make sense with anybody else in the part.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/10/2010

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