When We Leave

“Every scrap of goodwill the movie had earned is promptly flushed down the toilet with a rapid-fire barrage of manipulative cheats and a left-field sucker-punch so cheap that it’s like something out of Crash, only worse. It’s the kind of choice that makes you not just call to mind the filmmaker’s ethics, but also her sanity.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 03/09/2011

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The Adjustment Bureau

“A classy flop: All its sins are of ambition. The film is at least attempting something unconventional without talking down to the audience. True to form, there’s a deeply committed Damon performance, which happens to be the best thing about it. But even I have to admit that the film stinks.” – The Improper Bostonian, 03/02/2011

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Drive Angry

“There’s a thin line between clever and stupid, and Nicolas Cage seems to have devoted his recent career to walking it. Yet through it all, Cage has a twinkle in his eye. Has any formerly prestigious Oscar winner ever seemed so delighted to wallow in the genre gutter? Just watch him try not to crack up while drinking beer out of his enemy’s skull.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 03/02/2011

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