The Art Of Getting By

The Art Of Getting By is a pathetic game of narcissistic roleplay, in which a not particularly talented young auteur re-imagines his own fan-fiction version of high school, because he’s got connections to get a few semi-famous people plus Steven Spielberg’s weird-looking daughter to play all the bit parts.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/08/2011

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Midnight In Pars

“Breezy and casually profound, with a killer gimmick that keeps on giving. Midnight In Paris is so delightful, such a pleasure to watch, and exudes the cool confidence of an auteur in (almost) complete control of the form. The movie is so much more carefully crafted and blocked than any Allen picture we’ve seen these past couple decades.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/01/2011

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Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

“Minor Herzog. Not until its final reel does it take flight the way his best pictures do. Here we see that toxic backwash from a neighboring nuclear power plant has spawned a breed of mutant, albino alligators. Their connection to the Chauvet cave is tenuous, but these pale, sickly creatures send our narrator into pontification overdrive.” – The Improper Bostonian, 06/01/2011

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