Even Glodell

“I was getting crazy, locked in an editing room for awhile. And then I watched The Room, and for real it almost caused me to have a mental collapse. If I had made Bellflower when I was 16 years old and had no idea what was going on, that is the movie I would have made!” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/14/2011

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“(1) Guys, if a girl says that you shouldn’t get too attached ‘because I’ll hurt you,’ she’s probably not bluffing. (2) Girls, be careful how you break up with a guy who owns his own flamethrower. (3) Audiences, when a movie begins with a quote from Road Warrior villain Lord Humungus, you aren’t about to watch a conventional romance.” – The Improper Bostonian, 09/07/2011

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The Interrupters

“The movie feels weirdly hands-off and remote, which is doubly odd because what made Stevie such a difficult, powerful movie was James examining his own complicity as a ‘have’ in the land of ‘have nots.’ Despite all the front-line access and invaluable footage, The Interrupters ultimately feels like it is glimpsed from a distance.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/07/2011

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