“Pitched somewhere near the somber worst-case scenarios of a driver’s education training film, it’s Reefer Madness with smartphones. For most sane, well-adjusted folks, using the Internet is just a fact of life, not a cause for garment-rending hysteria. Millions of people communicate online every day; it’s really not the end of the world, dude.” – The Improper Bostonian, 04/10/2013

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More Ben Affleck

“We didn’t have a script. We didn’t know what it was. You don’t know where you fit into this. And it was about learning to let go. You know what I mean? For better or for worse, you throw out everything you know and just jump off the thing and see what happens. There are things I love about the movie, and there are things I still don’t understand.” – BOFCA, 04/09/2013

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Gimme The Loot

“The most purely enjoyable movie I’ve seen since I-can’t-remember-when, writer-director Adam Leon’s debut feature Gimme The Loot is a tiny miracle—a film brimming with so much life and mischief that it left me in an almost insufferably good mood for days afterwards. I didn’t want it to end.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/03/2013

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The Manson Family

“Ironic postscript: After Van Bebber’s epic, decades-spanning struggle to get The Manson Family finished and shown in theaters, a scant two years later, Rob Zombie came along with The Devil’s Rejects, which is basically the same movie, except eight billion times better.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/03/2013

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