The Canyons

“I don’t know if what Lohan does in The Canyons could technically be called ‘a great performance,’ but it’s impossible to take your eyes off her. Looking every bit like a monument to squandered promise, she serves the same purpose as those boarded-up cinemas Schrader keeps cutting back to: the shambles of long-gone Hollywood dreams.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/07/2013

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2 Guns 9

“Constantly referencing the scummy ‘70s cinema of Peckinpah and Siegel, Kormákur genuflects before the masters while his contagiously breezy tone owes more to the guysie-time banter of Midnight Run or The Rundown. This is the kind of movie in which Fred Ward plays a Navy admiral, made for the delight of people for whom that’s a big deal.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/07/2013

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