“Note the absence of Chronicles in the title this time around. It’s a much leaner, more entertaining piece of work. I sheepishly admit that over the years, I’ve grown inexplicably fond of Vin Diesel’s fashion model poses and doofus line readings. Here’s a guy who orders everything with extra cheese — especially his dialogue.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/11/2013
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Afternoon Delight
“Mistaking smug self-awareness for satire, Six Feet Under scribe Jill Soloway’s rancid debut feature attempts to skewer yuppie privilege while accidentally wallowing in it.  The poor disposable prostitute is back on the streets after a relapse. But at least these tedious, self-obsessed rich people started fucking each other again.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/11/2013
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Drinking Buddies

“According to Swanberg partisans, his technique strips away the artifice and cuts to human truth. I would argue that if you strip away things like camera placement, scene construction and dialogue writing, you’ve just stripped away everything that is cinema, leaving you with a glorified home video.” – The Improper Bostonian, 09/11/2013

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Bountry Killer

“A cheerfully disreputable riff on contemporary class warfare full of hot chicks and splattering heads, harkening back to the irreverent, ultra-violent Z-grade movies that producer Roger Corman filled drive-in screens with back in the 1970s. This is schlock, to be sure. But it’s schlock carried off with wit and fine style.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/04/2013

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“Director Courtney Solomon’s Getaway is an affront to the art of film editing. It’s a mishmash of shots strewn together seemingly at random, discarding any sense of cinematic grammar and barely ever holding onto an image for more than two or three seconds. This is the antithesis of craftsmanship.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/04/2013

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