The Expendables

“Some kind of meathead masterpiece, Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables is cinematic junk food of the highest order. It’s an unapologetically old-school, men-on-a-mission movie that’s so retro you’ll feel like you should be watching it on a beat-up VHS tape. Not going gently into that good night, Sly wants to party like it’s 1986.” – The Improper Bostonian, 08/25/2010

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Idris Elba

“‘If I’m not in the mood, I’m not in the mood. I don’t pretend,’ says Idris Elba, shrugging his shoulders. He’s talking about signing autographs, but he might just as well be talking about dutifully enduring the phony intimacy of a roundtable interview, fielding familiar questions from a room full of strangers about a movie he shot almost two years ago.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/25/2010



“The movie lurches in fits and starts, cramming too many years and too many outrageous escapades without a cohesive through-line. Supporting characters get lost in the shuffle of mayhem. Richet films the violence with a seductive authority that suits his leading man, but this feels more like a collection of cool anecdotes than a story.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/25/2010

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Animal Kingdom

“The kind of debut designed to call attention to itself, Animal Kingdom is artful to a fault, striving so hard for Shakespearean import that it saps whatever life and energy there was to be found in this familiar, low-stakes tale of small-time Melbourne hoods at the end of the line.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/25/2010

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The Extra Man

“I took the opportunity to step out, perform my toilet and grab another cup of coffee. It was a crowded film festival screening, and after steeling myself for the hambone theatrics to come, I finally headed back in. In my way, blocking the entrance while standing and admiring his own grandiose performance, was Kevin Kline.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/18/2010

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Scott Pilgrim

“It’s Juno for adolescent boys, reminding a teenage audience at each turn that they’re better than everybody else. The whole moral of the movie being that it’s OK to be a socially awkward, couch-surfing loser who has nothing to offer the world. There’s no coming-of-age here, just an endorsement of something sad.” – The Improper Bostonian, 08/11/2010

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Get Low

“There’s something excitingly incongruous about the way they hit their lines, with post-ironic Murray so tangled up in deftly timed eye-rolls and double entendres he can’t quite figure out the wily, plain-spoken Duvall. The two go together like orange juice and toothpaste, but it’s fun.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/11/2010

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