“The most satisfying portions of the picture genuflect at the altar of Willis-ness. In his wheelhouse as a sullen, heartbroken badass, Willis’ costumes are even a throwback to his Pulp Fiction getup, and sometimes I think we forget how well he wears a T-shirt soaked in blood. Ah, if he had only smoked cigarettes. Willis is the best movie smoker since the 1940s.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/26/2012
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“The rap against Adam Sandler is that he often finds an exotic location where he can fly out all his friends to make a crappy movie while having a nice vacation. Hotel Transylvania is kind of fascinating, as it gathers Sandler’s whole crew together for a weekend at a resort, except this one is animated. So they never really went anywhere.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/26/2012

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“Let’s just try and forget Clint Eastwood’s depressing ramblings and his argument with a chair at the Republican National Convention. Instead, let’s move on to the opening scene of Trouble with the Curve, in which the beloved octogenarian screen icon makes a far more dignified entrance, arguing with his dick.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/19/2012
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“It’s a good deal wittier than expected from a movie that consists mostly of people getting shot in the face. I was quite fond of the automated corpse-disposal units mopping up a mess while assuring folks that the food-court will re-open in six to eight minutes.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/19/2012
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“The whole movie jerks around in a hand-held, fish-eyed, low resolution blur. Trying to follow the action made me so nauseous, I had to take a break halfway through and go walk around the lobby for a few minutes just to keep from throwing up.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/19/2012
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