“The gnarly centerpiece of Clancy’s novel found our protagonist interrogating an operative by imploding him with a deep-sea diver’s decompression chamber. The movie goes one better by having Jordan set a Russian official’s limo on fire, then jump into the backseat and torture information out of the guy while the car is slowly engulfed by flames. Awesome.” – North Shore Movies, 04/30/2021

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“What’s welcome is a worthwhile role for Mila Kunis, a fine actress we see too little of these days outside of whiskey commercials. She emphasizes an addict’s animal cunning, eyes always alert for a fresh angle. Looking at her ravaged visage it’s a miracle Molly’s made it to 31, but thanks to Kunis’ abrasive energy you get a sense of how she’s survived.” – North Shore Movies, 04/29/2021

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“Most movies concerning refugees depict them as faceless, huddled masses defined by their suffering, whereas in Limbo these are idiosyncratic, sometimes extremely annoying individuals. Sharrock’s trying to make a comedy about a serious subject usually only addressed in documentaries. He doesn’t always succeed, but when his jokes land they leave a mark.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 04/29/2021

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“We’ve got movie theaters, their employees and crew members who work on Hollywood films suffering catastrophic financial losses, but have any of these obscenely wealthy luminaries lifted a finger to help them out? The only show of support I can recall was Gal Gadot and her dopey friends singing ‘Imagine’ off-key from the grounds of their gargantuan estates.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 04/23/2021

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“The movie provides gratuitous violence in abundance if not ebullience –mostly in constricted closeups, cut together only semi-coherently– dutifully disposing of guts and limbs. The famous video game catch-phrases are trotted out for moments people probably would have applauded in a crowded theater, but at home on HBO Max elicit far more subdued reactions.” – North Shore Movies, 04/23/2021

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“Mosese’s debut is the sort that gets us critics reaching for our lofty rhetoric in part because it’s so thrilling to watch. This is one of those movies that seems to be inventing a new cinematic language as it goes along. By turns alienating and enthralling, it’s an experience richer, deeper and much stranger than I’ve had with a film in some time.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 04/09/2021

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“Director Oliver Hermanus has a dryly witty way of observing how the exaggerated swagger of performative masculinity can so easily become charged with homoeroticism. (I already mentioned the moustache.) It can get a little precious, but Moffie keeps us on edge with constant reminders of the grave dangers accompanying these desires.” – North Shore Movies, 04/09/2021

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“These are classy, educated people who know which wine pairs best with your fish, but precious little, as it turns out, about their own hearts. So they talk. Heavens, do they talk. Rohmer’s characters talk themselves around in circles, in and out of affairs. They construct elaborate excuses for doing what they feel like or make up ridiculous reasons why they won’t.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 04/01/2021

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“It was that same feeling I got while watching Wonder Woman 1984 and realizing none of the scenes correspond with each other because they were all from different drafts and different writers and different meetings and nobody had a vision of how the movie was supposed to fit together. But that doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Nobody cares.” – North Shore Movies, 04/01/2021

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