Safe House

“After his disastrous year or so of would-be star-mak­ing block­buster mis­fires, it’s easy to feel sorry for Ryan Reyn­olds, glimpsed here re­mov­ing his shirt for no apparent reason while huff­ing and puff­ing on emotive over­drive, un­able to ar­rive any­where near Wash­ing­ton’s lack­a­dais­ic­al cha­risma.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 02/15/2012

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“Are we at last prepared to admit that Woody Harrelson has grown into one of the greatest actors of his generation? Lean, insinuating and spouting some of Ellroy’s most colorful invective, Harrelson leers and slurs his way through the movie. Always teetering on the edge of violence, he’s odious and magnetic.” – The Improper Bostonian, 02/15/12

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“No longer just the bathroom break during your annual Oscar party, the Academy Award nominated Short Films are available for viewing, and, once again, one must wonder if these are truly the best and brightest, or if they’re just whatever the voting committee discovered lying around somewhere.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 02/08/12

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