Short Term 12

“Roger Ebert often said that it was never the sad moments in movies that made him cry, but rather when characters were unexpectedly kind to one another. I thought about that line a lot during Short Term 12, probably because the movie reduced me to a puddle somewhere around the forty-minute mark, and I remained that way for the following hour.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/28/2013

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“Of course, it must be noted that nobody goes to see a Woody Allen movie for nuanced portrayals of the working class. Everything Woody knows about these people he learned from watching The Honeymooners, but I find something quaintly endearing about his cloistered, 1950s sensibility.” – The Improper Bostonian, 08/28/2013

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“A film of lovely moments and quiet reflection, director Fernando Trueba’s The Artist and the Model takes a tender gaze at the creative process. Avoiding the hot-blooded emotional histrionics of most movie portraits of artists, this is a gentle picture emphasizing discipline, hard work and patience.” – Metro, 08/22/2013

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“Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but the recurring visual motif involves a hand-held camera following Mara as she twirls through a sun-dappled field of wheat. I say this as a lifelong Terrence Malick fan: Enough with the chicks twirling through the goddamned sun-dappled fields of wheat already.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/21/2013

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“An experience akin to being stuck at recess with a bunch of 10-year-old boys who just discovered profanity, the movie is so desperate to offend that it wallows in ugly sadism. But the problem with Kick-Ass 2 isn’t that it’s tasteless and immoral. The problem is that it just isn’t funny.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/21/2013

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The Butler

“The excitement of The Butler comes from watching the director’s rude energy chafe up against the stodgy constraints of a traditional Oscar-bait biopic. In other hands this could have been Driving Miss Daisy, but you know you’re watching a Lee Daniels film when Mariah Carey gets raped in the opening scene.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/14/2013

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Drug War

“There are no girlfriends, sidekicks or comic relief in Drug War. The movie itself seems as allergic to bullshit as the captain, who storms impassively through one white-knuckle set-piece after another with nary a flinch nor a single sop for audience affection. You’re not going to learn anything about this cop’s personal life — he’s working here, dammit.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 08/14/2013

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