“This summer’s most brashly entertaining movie is also the most terrifying film of the year. Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman will leave your sides aching from laughter and your stomach twisted in knots. This scabrously funny film may take place four decades in the past, but it never lets you forget how the sickness it documents is still surging in the present.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 08/10/2018

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NICO, 1988


“A refreshingly unconventional biopic focusing on the part of its subject’s life nobody cares about, it’s the story of a has-been slouching toward an ignominious end. But the movie has an unexpectedly generous spirit. It plays as a gentle human comedy about life on the road with a high-maintenance former legend, like a slowed-down My Favorite Year on smack.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 08/07/2018

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“The power of McKay’s pictures comes through their accumulation of detail and attention to the rhythms of day-to-day lives. My favorite shot finds José whizzing along on his bike in the rain, a garbage bag poncho blowing out behind him like a superhero’s cape. If the movie accomplishes anything it will at least make everyone who watches it a better tipper.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 07/26/2018

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“Van Sant shuffles pages of the inspirational biopic playbook around into something a bit trickier and a lot more rewarding. It’s got the loosey-goosey, anything-goes energy of My Own Private Idaho along with the meat-and-potatoes melodramatic flair of Good Will Hunting. From scene to scene, the movie has a restless vitality that feels liberating. I liked it a lot.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 07/19/2018

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“Boots Riley’s debut feature is an air-horn blast of anti-capitalist subversion with a surreal, midnight-movie twist. It’s like if Get Out got all mixed up with Repo Man, Robert Downey Sr. and scabrous early Brian De Palma satires like Greetings and Hi, Mom! The movie misses almost as often as it hits, but when the big swings land they leave a mark.” – North Shore Movies, 07/19/2018

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“They say a movie is only as good as its villain. But what about one with no bad guys? Is there drama to be found in a picture about people doing their best to try and help each other out? Debra Granik’s enormously moving Leave No Trace is a sad movie that’s somehow still full of hope. You leave with your heart aching but not quite broken.” – North Shore Movies, 07/19/2018

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