“The film’s escalating escapades of sicko violence are punctuated by psychedelic drug freakouts and semi-pornographic dream orgies. It’s an awful lot, yet somehow still not quite enough. Thank goodness then, for our newly crowned scream queen Mia Goth, following up last year’s seismic performance in Pearl as an entirely different kind of chaos agent.” – North Shore Movies, 01/26/2023

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“Looks and sounds so much like the kind of film you want it to be that if you’re willing to squint, you can let it slide. Maybe I Do may be little more than Nancy Meyers karaoke, but at least someone’s still trying to sing these songs. One hopes that if the nostalgia for this sort of picture continues, we might finally get one that’s actually good instead of just good enough.” – North Shore Movies, 01/26/2023

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“Kendrick plays the role more mysteriously and closer to the vest than you might expect. She focuses everything inward, coming in quietly underneath scenes where other actresses would have cranked up the histrionics for awards consideration. Unfortunately, she’s so good she makes the so-so performances of her co-stars seem worse than they actually are.” – North Shore Movies, 01/20/2023

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“Again chronicling the romantic mishaps of a young woman pretending to be more worldly than she really is, writer-director Hadas Ben Aroya loves shooting long, erotic scenes that play out practically in real time, demystifying the messy mechanics of desire while revealing character through intimacy. Everything is no big deal, even stuff that probably should be.” – North Shore Movies, 01/20/2023

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“You don’t watch Skinamarink so much as you sink into it, allowing yourself to be enveloped by the unsettling atmosphere. Ball keeps the camera close to the ground and peering into the shadows, attempting to make out shapes that never quite materialize. The whole movie feels like the lights just went out and your eyes haven’t quite adjusted yet.” – WBUR’s Arts & Culture, 01/12/2023

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“Even if the film’s depiction of neurodivergence will never be mistaken for sensitive, one must at least appreciate the audacity. The Old Way gropes around at some promising ideas, but the movie is cut too close to the bone to get much mileage out of these concepts, pulling back to meat-and-potatoes genre beats whenever things threaten to get really interesting.” – North Shore Movies, 01/12/2023

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“Producers Roman Coppola and Gillian Jacobs present a movie assembled by eight different writer-director teams working independently of one another. As an experiment, it’s not uninteresting. But like most parlor games, this was probably a lot more fun for the participants than it is for the onlookers. One must remember that people have to pay to watch these things.” – North Shore Movies, 01/12/2023

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“For most of its running time, M3GAN is a sicko comedy about terrible things happening to people (and animals) that deserve even worse, as well as a cautionary tale for moms and dads who find it easier to let electronic devices do the parenting for them. The best gag in Akela Cooper’s screenplay is how the doll turns evil because she spends too much time on the internet.” – North Shore Movies, 01/06/2023

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“They’re clearly going for a Gran Torino thing here, with the grouchy old white guy who wants to be left alone begrudgingly befriending his adorable new immigrant neighbors and rescuing them from an external threat. But unlike Clint Eastwood’s hilariously crude codger, Hanks is merely dull and unpleasant. There’s nothing funny about his morose moods.” – North Shore Movies, 01/06/2023

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“It’s not just babies that are left behind in boxes. Kore-eda repeatedly returns to a subtle, yet insistent visual motif of constraining his characters inside similar shapes. Everyone in Broker is boxed in to some degree or another by bad luck, poor choices or the circumstances of their birth. The movie is about how we help each other get out.” – WBUR’s Arts & Culture, 01/05/2023

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