“Eventually, the emotional history and fascinating cross-cultural minutiae boils down to the handsome Jedi wondering if the hot French chick wants to have sex with him. Mills needs to look up from the lint that’s collected in his navel. He’s a clear talent behind the camera, but there’s not a lot of story here.” – The Improper Bostonian, 06/29/2011

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Bad Teacher

“Half-realized at best, Kasdan’s direction fumbles through a semester’s worth of blackout sketches with all the technical acuity of a Kevin Smith picture. It is a deeply shoddy-looking effort, riddled with blank-wall backgrounds and weirdly short on extras. Shouldn’t a middle school be full of kids?” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/29/2011

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“Pulpy flourishes lend Viva Riva! the crude spirit of a Warner Brothers gangster picture from the 1930s, albeit one with an unexpectedly carnal edge. The New York Times described one show-stopping sequence as “creative cunnilingus,” though if pressed I myself would be more inclined to describe it as ‘acrobatic.'” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/22/2011

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“It’s an amazing sequence, with Buck’s simmering outrage and identification with the mistreated animal hitting a crescendo that he can barely contain beneath his carefully modulated, polite public persona. It might have been the first scene of a great movie; instead it’s the last scene of a good one.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/22/2011

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The Tree Of Life

“The AMC Boston Common ran our press screening with a busted center sound channel. They also carelessly left the 3-D filter over the lens, blurring and distorting the image. I gave up, pulled my hat down over my face and took a nap long before the pre-show trivia and word-scramble slides wound up projected over Malick’s magnum opus.” – The Improper Bostonian, 06/15/2011

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X Men First Class

“Suffering from a severe case of overcrowding, First Class doesn’t even get around to the obligatory training montage until over 90 minutes in. Much like Bryan Singer’s original X-Men, by the time everyone is done explaining their origins, it’s already time for the climactic action scene.  On the upside, Mad Men’s January Jones is never not in her underwear.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 06/08/2011

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