Blue Is The Warmest Color

“What follows is a rapturous exploration, rendered in giddy, almost impossibly shallow-focus close-ups that make the rest of the world go away, plus a few super-heroic sex scenes. Exarchopoulos’ performance is something of a miracle, with every raw emotion rippling across her yearning, endlessly expressive face.” – Philadelphia City Paper, 10/31/2013

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Last Vegas

“These not-so-bad grandpas stroll through some family-friendly, mildly amusing comic interludes largely predicated upon product placement and the gang’s antiquated notions of Rat Pack cool. It’s a cast of relaxed old pros with easy chemistry, all of whom seem to be having a great deal of fun. The feeling is almost mutual.” – Philadelphia City Paper, 10/31/2013

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“The final scenes are overpowering. Greengrass mercilessly tightens the suspense screws as Hanks fearlessly goes to emotional places we’ve never seen in his career. It’s a brutal knockout of an ending, bold enough to leave you with the nagging impression that good hasn’t conquered evil so much as a few mosquitoes have been swatted.”  – The Improper Bostonian, 10/23/2013

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“The Italian Stallion is stuck carrying the burden of exposition, mumbling semi-intelligibly about structural engineering while The Governator goes hog-wild, stealing scenes with reckless abandon. Whether barking a crazy, phony religious tirade in German or announcing, ‘You hit like a vegetarian,’ Ah-nald hasn’t been this much fun in decades.” – Metro, 10/18/2013

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Romeo And Juliet

“Giamatti fares best as Friar Laurence, aiding and abetting these crazy kids with an impish twinkle and a bushy beard that would make the Boston Red Sox proud. He’s alone in savoring Shakespeare’s poetry, effortlessly emphasizing the iambic pentameter while the rest of the cast flattens their dialogue into jarringly contemporary conversational rhythms.” – Metro, 10/11/2013

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Enough Said

“Their chemistry is magic. She’s all sharp right angles, and he’s a round Barcalounger Buddha. Eva and Albert’s first date is one of the more purely pleasurable sequences I have seen all year, as we watch two hesitant, jaded people feel each other out and then lock into a delightful rhythm.” – The Improper Bostonian, 10/09/2013

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