The To Do List 3

“Many laughs are mined from Aubrey Plaza’s all-business efficiency in treating erotic encounters like homework assignments, and the dumbstruck faces of horndog dudes who can’t believe their luck. She learns the hard way why so many of these things are known by slang terms that end with the word ‘job.’ They’re work.” – The Improper Bostonian, 07/31/2013

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The Conjuring

“Sometimes it all comes down to craftsmanship. There’s probably nothing you haven’t seen before in The Conjuring, but rarely have you seen it done so well. A defiantly old school haunted house picture in which things go bump in the night, the movie elicits massive scares not from CGI or gore, but from careful camera placement and stunning sound design.” – Metro, 07/18/2013

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Girl Most Likely

“A cartoonish parade of gargoyles and grotesques helmed with staggering ineptitude. Re-titled after premiering as Imogene to crummy reviews at last year’s Toronto Film Festival, here is a movie so baseline incompetent that scenes don’t cut together and the wobbly camera has a hard time keeping actors in focus for an entire shot. Crushingly unfunny, it’s a must to avoid.” – Metro, 07/18/2013

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Grown Ups

“Sandler and company go to K-Mart for a protracted product placement commercial in the morning. Later that night they throw a 1980s-themed costume party. That’s all that passes for a plot here, folks. Laziness wafts from the screen like a foul odor. Grown Ups 2 is abysmal.” – Metro, 07/11/2013

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Despicable Me

“Spirited vocal performances from the cast add to the antic atmosphere. The energy level never flags, even though you might wish everybody would stop to breathe once in awhile. Overstuffed with daffy non-sequiturs and not one, but two exuberant Minion musical numbers, Despicable Me 2 is almost too much of a good thing.” – Metro, 07/03/2013

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“Set the DeLorean for 1986 and you just might have a grand old time with The Heat, a lo-fi buddy-cop comedy that tweaks time-honored formulas by replacing Mel Gibson and Danny Glover with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. For the first half-hour I thought it was gearing up to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. But eventually it grew on me.” – The Improper Bostonian, 07/03/2013

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