Baggage Claim 2

“Talbert dutifully assembles crowd-pleasing cliches and chick-lit tropes as if following instructions from an IKEA rom-com catalog. Baggage Claim turns out to be one of those movies where the woman gets to deliver a big speech about how she doesn’t need a man in order to define herself, while Mr. Wright is waiting in the wings all the same.” – Metro, 09/27/2013

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Don Jon 2

Don Jon is a barn-door broad burlesque of Joisey stereotypes and holy-cannoli accents. I wonder if Gordon-Levitt has ever met an actual Italian-American, or if those were just people he saw on MTV reality programs. Every meal in this household is the best scene from Saturday Night Fever drawn in crayon.” – Philadelphia Weekly. 09/25/2013

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The Trials Of Muhammad Ali

“It’s a sometimes maddeningly incomplete portrait of the champ on the defensive, where he was never at his best. Throughout The Trials of Muhammad Ali, we long to see the swagger and the grace; the loudmouth know-it-all who could get away with calling himself The Greatest, because he was.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/25/2013

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“It’s hard not to read a personal angle into the portrayal. Howard has been a workhorse, directing 21 pictures over the past 30 years and producing god-knows how many others, but he’s never been considered ‘sexy’ or ‘cool.’ Rush feels like an exorcism of the famously milquetoast director’s resentment at his flashier, more acclaimed peers.” – The Improper Bostonian, 09/25/2013

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“Has anybody in a movie ever happened upon a large sum of money and gone on to live happily ever after? A Single Shot was filmed in the Vancouver mountains under the gray-skied chill of encroaching winter, yet for some reason the actors sport spotty Southern accents. Maybe that’s just how they think all poor people talk.” – Metro, 09/20/2013

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“I think it’s somewhere around when Hugh Jackman builds a Home Depot torture chamber that Prisoners goes bonkers. Guzikowski’s screenplay is so elaborately convoluted and icky, I was shocked to discover it was an original idea and not an adaptation. Everything about this story stinks of a shitty novel somebody bought at an airport.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 09/18/2013

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The Family

“It’s a cheerful family full of sociopaths, wildly over-reacting to every perceived slight with bursts of graphic violence. As they’re a bunch of ugly Americans abroad, you can probably imagine the snubs keep coming. Besson doesn’t stint on the R-rated bloodletting, which lends an odd aftertaste to the breezy slapstick surrounding it. This is a weird movie.” – Philadelphia Weekly. 09/18/2013

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