Baggage Claim 2

“Talbert dutifully assembles crowd-pleasing cliches and chick-lit tropes as if following instructions from an IKEA rom-com catalog. Baggage Claim turns out to be one of those movies where the woman gets to deliver a big speech about how she doesn’t need a man in order to define herself, while Mr. Wright is waiting in the wings all the same.” – Metro, 09/27/2013

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“It’s hard not to read a personal angle into the portrayal. Howard has been a workhorse, directing 21 pictures over the past 30 years and producing god-knows how many others, but he’s never been considered ‘sexy’ or ‘cool.’ Rush feels like an exorcism of the famously milquetoast director’s resentment at his flashier, more acclaimed peers.” – The Improper Bostonian, 09/25/2013

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“Has anybody in a movie ever happened upon a large sum of money and gone on to live happily ever after? A Single Shot was filmed in the Vancouver mountains under the gray-skied chill of encroaching winter, yet for some reason the actors sport spotty Southern accents. Maybe that’s just how they think all poor people talk.” – Metro, 09/20/2013

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Drinking Buddies

“According to Swanberg partisans, his technique strips away the artifice and cuts to human truth. I would argue that if you strip away things like camera placement, scene construction and dialogue writing, you’ve just stripped away everything that is cinema, leaving you with a glorified home video.” – The Improper Bostonian, 09/11/2013

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