Epic 4

“An overcrowded hodgepodge of familiar tropes and Xeroxed bits from other, better pictures. It’s the kind of movie that even while watching it for the first time you could swear you’ve seen it before. The nicest thing you can say is that at least Epic practices the green environmental message that it preaches: the entire screenplay is recycled.” – Metro, 05/24/2013

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Iron Man Three

“Opting to spare myself from crummy projection and those gropey, TSA-styled searches Disney demands at its press screenings, I just waited two days and headed to my favorite suburban multiplex in Woburn to kick off the summer season with a civilian crowd. Surprisingly, it’s a good movie, at times even very good. ” – The Improper Bostonian, 05/22/2013

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“As glum and mechanical as its predecessor was buoyant, ditching the space exploration for a joyless, been-there-done-that revenge plot. The charming supporting cast is sidelined, and Michael Giacchino’s rousing score can only feign excitement for so long. This sorry sequel feels rote and hopelessly derivative, timidly going where we all have already gone before.” – Metro, 05/14/2013

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Something In The Air Two

“Revolutionaries become paper-pushers in an office somewhere, old friends lose touch. It is a film about fading out, about how youthful passions dissolve. The day-to-day business of living so often saps us of our resolve, and even the most ardent convictions wither away over time.” – The Improper Bostonian, 05/08/2013

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The Iceman

“It’s terribly difficult to spend an entire movie with Shannon’s Kuklinski. Gruff, emotionally constipated and remote, he’s an alienating presence and Vroman’s film aspires to no insight besides the fact that he killed lots of people. The chintzy musical score and dingy cinematography give The Iceman a cheap, direct to video feel. It’s a low-rent movie with an expensive cast.” – Metro, 05/03/2013

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