Stories We Tell

“There’s a (not very) good half-hour or so of Stories We Tell during which the film stops dead in its tracks so every on-camera participant can muse, at not inconsiderable length, about what exactly they are trying to say here about the role storytelling plays in our lives. Polley goes from directing a movie to defending her dissertation.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 05/29/2013

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Hangover 3

“An ugly, unpleasant contractual obligation wrenched like dental surgery from unwilling participants, The Hangover Part III is a singularly joyless experience, soaked in so much anger and desperation that the film almost becomes interesting. Almost. Nobody wants to be here.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 05/29/2013

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Epic 4

“An overcrowded hodgepodge of familiar tropes and Xeroxed bits from other, better pictures. It’s the kind of movie that even while watching it for the first time you could swear you’ve seen it before. The nicest thing you can say is that at least Epic practices the green environmental message that it preaches: the entire screenplay is recycled.” – Metro, 05/24/2013

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Fast & Furious 6

“Modeled on those Hong Kong Golden Harvest films I inhaled like crack in the early ‘90s: grandiose melodramas in which cops and criminals constantly traded places, and the outsized emotion matched the lavishness of the action sequences. Fast Five was the best John Woo movie that John Woo never made, and Fast & Furious 6 aims to top it.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 05/22/2013

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Frances 2

“Your particular affections might be tested by a character who is most often her own worst enemy and sometimes carries on like a child years after such behavior can still be considered cute. I fell for her, though, mostly because I’m a sucker for Gerwig’s galumphy, awkward charm.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 05/22/2013

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Iron Man Three

“Opting to spare myself from crummy projection and those gropey, TSA-styled searches Disney demands at its press screenings, I just waited two days and headed to my favorite suburban multiplex in Woburn to kick off the summer season with a civilian crowd. Surprisingly, it’s a good movie, at times even very good. ” – The Improper Bostonian, 05/22/2013

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“Brisk, affectionate mainstream entertainment. Modest in aspiration, Peeples is by no means a must-see movie, but it’s awfully charming all the same. It confirms that Tina Gordon Chism is a talent to keep an eye on. And hopefully someday soon, we’ll see her name on the posters instead of Tyler Perry’s.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 05/15/2013

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