Pain & Gain

“Here is a movie so relentlessly toxic some early champions are assuming it must be satirical. That’s a big assumption. Bay is still a hateful, misogynist cretin, content with slapdash slapstick jokes at the expense of the infirm, foreigners, fat people and gays. All the slo-mo hero worship of our floundering kidnappers clangs against their grisly incompetence.” – Metro, 04/26/2013

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The Angels Share

“That stupid Proclaimers song that served as such a ubiquitous earworm during the 1990’s plays here more than once during wacky comedic montages. I normally would walk 500 miles just to get away from this tune, but it kind of works here. The Angels’ Share is typical Loach Glaswegian miserablism with a fairytale Ocean’s Eleven twist. ” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/24/2013

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“Ed Koch was a consummate ham and a bit of scoundrel. Neil Barsky’s documentary tries to pay tribute to both. 
It gets the first part right.
 Most of the time, Koch is content to present Da Mayor as a doddering, always-hilarious old fogey who loves the camera.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/24/2013

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Casey Affleck'

“It’s about this very abusive character, and I think people just felt abused at the end. They felt yelled at and made fun of, and people around the movie had a hard time separating the fiction and the character in the movie from reality. So it all got mixed up, and in some ways that was the film’s greatest achievement.” – The Improper Bostonian, 04/24/2013

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The Company You Keep

“Robert Redford’s latest film is a dinosaur. The Company You Keep is long, lumbering and unabashedly earnest; the kind of talky, politically-minded adult thriller that went out of fashion decades ago, except nobody told Redford. It feels like a relic from another time, which isn’t exactly a bad thing.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/17/2013

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Simon Killer

“Corbet co-wrote the film with Campos, and Simon Killer feels like an exploratory experiment, like a couple of talented kids saw Taxi Driver too many times. It’s the kind of film we’ll look back on fondly when everybody involved has moved on to bigger and better things.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/17/2013

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Derek Cianfrance

“I feel like Ray Liotta is a national treasure. Someday they’ll carve his face into a mountaintop. He’s a beautiful, gentle, amazing soul, but he’s got a real edge to him. Ray is like a human knife. If he was in this room, our center would be off. I invited him over for dinner, introduced him to my family, and within 30 seconds, my 4-year-old was crying.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 04/10/2013

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