No Strings Attached

“It’s such a drag whenever Reitman cuts back to Kutcher and Portman’s affair. Kutcher’s just a touseled lump of inertia, and Portman is distractingly uncomfortable with the material’s raunchiness. I actually felt bad for her every time she had to say something dirty. She’s far too much the white swan to pull this one off.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/26/2011

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Another Year

“Is the point Leigh’s trying to make that if you’re not lucky enough to be married by now you’re sentenced to live a pathetic existence of chronic substance abuse and dashed dreams? This movie makes me want to avoid my married friends.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/26/2011

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“Nobody does luxury ennui like Sofia Coppola. Her fourth feature, Somewhere, a picture boasting almost as many aimless driving sequences as The Brown Bunny. It’s more of a vibe than a movie, with some exquisite moments of existential drift. The atmosphere is enticing—I wish it added up to more.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/12/2011

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The Way Back

“What feels really subversive is the attention to old-fashioned cinematography, capturing the magnificent images without a hint of digital trickery. There’s craftsmanship in The Way Back that makes me hope it’s not another seven years before we get another Peter Weir picture.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/19/2011

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“With around a tenth of the country out of work, the amount of sympathy you’ll be able to generate for The Company Men’s downsized executives probably depends on your own financial circumstances. Its tough to feel torn up about Ben Affleck selling his Porsche when most of us are hustling to make rent at the end of every month.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/19/2011

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Season Of The Witch

“Season of the Witch is a reminder of what the YouTube video left out, the kind of stoic, phoned-in Cage performance that’s par for the course when he’s working in the blockbuster realm. As a battle-weary knight of the Crusades, Nicolas Cage merely stands around looking glum and letting his hair extensions do the acting for him.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 01/12/2011

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