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“Writer-director Tom McCarthy doesn’t make great movies, but he makes movies about people I enjoy spending time with. Scoff all you want at McCarthy’s stubbornly middlebrow The Station Agent or The Visitor, but these are both formula Sundance flicks elevated by endearing performances from bravura, always-welcome character actors.Philadelphia Weekly, 03/30/2011

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“Notoriously born as ‘Zowie Bowie,’ Jones has since scrambled far away from his father David’s formidable sphere of influence and carved out a niche within the kind of thoughtful, low-budget space oddities that folks just don’t make anymore. Camera composition and editing provide more thrills than the dodgy CGI.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 03/30/2011

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“With these iconic roles already assayed by Orson Welles, Joan Fontaine, Elizabeth Taylor, George C. Scott, William Hurt, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Anna Paquin, Timothy Dalton and even Andrea Martin and Joe Flaherty on SCTV, is there anything more that could possibly be gleaned from spending yet another couple hours with Jane and Mr. Rochester?” – Philadelphia Weekly, 03/23/2011

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“Lacking a fresh sensibility or any hint of an edge, Radnor dutifully unfurls the indie-rock montage sequences, wrapping up all his storylines with neat, predictable little bows and not even the slightest acknowledgement of a world outside these beautiful people’s solipsistic navel-gazing.” – Philadelphia Weekly. 03/16/2011

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“Shot in blinding colors with an eye for artifice and a fixation on flesh, Kaboom is one happy, horny movie, even though it’s ostensibly about the end of the world. Dekker might not offer much, but Bennett knows her way around a tart rejoinder, selling even Araki’s worst Diablo Cody-isms with her air of sexy indifference.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 03/16/2011

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“Pegg and Frost are clearly besotted with the Star Wars era sci-fi they grew up on, but their naughty extraterrestrial misfire calls to mind a different George Lucas production from that same era—they’ve accidentally re-made Howard The Duck.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 03/16/2011

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“The weirdness of the film is fascinating. But there’s just so damn much of it, all pitched at the same antic, unwavering tone—sensory overload kicks in early and often. It’s a rare computer animated film not released in 3-D. I think because an extra dimension of this would cause seizures.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 03/09/2011

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