Friends With Benefits

“Friends with Benefits is a surprisingly dirty movie, but it embraces human sexuality as something so common, happy and fun that I’d prefer to just call it ‘naughty.’ There are more giggles than grunts, which is somehow way sexier than most modern pictures that make a big show out of trying to be erotic.” – The Improper Bostonian, 07/27/2011

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Transformers 3

“To say Dark of the Moon is the best Transformers movie is hardly saying anything at all. The picture surpasses its notorious forebears by being visually accomplished, occasionally coherent and nowhere near as jaw-droppingly racist as the two films that came before. Am I damning with faint praise?” – The Improper Bostonian, 07/13/2011

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Larry Crowne

“A feature-length ‘It Gets Better’ video for broke, middle-aged white dudes, Tom Hanks’ second directorial effort Larry Crowne is a stridently square little duck. It’s a deeply doofy movie, prone to sitcom staging and broadly comic groaners. Bereft of conflict, the film coasts along in second gear on breezy charm, gentle humanism and star wattage.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 07/06/2011

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