Stephen Frears

“Stephen Frears left his MacBook charger in Chicago. A crack team of interns was dispatched to fetch a new power supply, but the laptop crisis has left the gruff Englishman agitated. ‘I cannot wait,’ he harrumphs, ‘to begin charging.'” – Philadelphia Weekly, 10/27/2010

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Paranormal Activity 2

“The demon initially comes off more like a shitty roommate, turning the lights on, leaving the cabinets open and making loud noises in the kitchen while everybody’s trying to sleep. The ante is upped for the sequel, as the otherworldly intruder sometimes takes the automated pool cleaner out of the water.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 10/27/2010

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“If anyone escapes without embarrassment, it’s Jovovich—a remarkable physical actress who has been stranded for so long in schlock that she’s learned to make the most of movement. Jovovich also comes off quite sprightly playing against the lone grumpy facial expression Robert De Niro has been passing off as a performance for the past decade.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 10/20/2010

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“Hilary Swank headlines as Betty Anne, bringing that specifically Swank-ian strain of toothy gumption that can sometimes make you wish Clint Eastwood would drop by and euthanize her. The blandly inspirational Conviction goes down fairly painlessly, with a minimum of you-go-girl montages and even less suspense.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 10/20/2010

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Jackass 3D

“During the decade or so James Cameron spent toiling away on groundbreaking advances in 3D photography, I wonder if he ever imagined that all his hard work would someday result in a movie where some dude plays the trumpet with his asshole. Suck it, Avatar. Jackass 3D is a technological marvel.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 10/20/2010

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“It’s impossible not to enjoy watching this gang of old pros having a laugh in ridiculous genre territory, but the low-key character comedy ends up buried beneath all the pyrotechnics. If the filmmakers had more faith in their cast (and their audience, for that matter), Red could have been something very special indeed.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 10/13/2010

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You Will Meet A

“It’s that time of year again—another of Woody Allen’s annual exercises limps into theaters, full of moneyed infidelity, old jazz standards and rote pessimism. It’s hard to fight the urge to just cut-and-paste from my older reviews of Allen’s late-career output, as that seems to be how he writes his screenplays these days.” – Philadelphia Weekly, 10/06/2010

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