The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street might be Martin Scorsese’s funniest movie. It’s also his angriest. A marathon of depravity, the film’s gargantuan three-hour running-time becomes part of the joke. The relentless vulgarity feels heroic. It’s all too much too-much-ness about people for whom too much was never enough.” – EntertainmentTell, 12/24/2013

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Inside Llewyn Davis

“Inside Llewyn Davis is my favorite movie in years. It’s the Coens’ most melancholic reverie, ditching their usual clockwork plotting for a loosey-goosey collection of anecdotes that only reveal themselves to be impeccably structured in retrospect. Like all of the Coen brothers’ movies, this one demands and rewards repeat viewings.” – The Improper Bostonian, 12/18/2013 

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A Madea Christmas

“A crassly calculated attempt to expand the brand to a wider audience (see also: white people) and everybody is on their best behavior. But when you take away the weird tonal shifts and sudden eruptions of tragedy, cancer and sexual abuse that make Tyler Perry movies so fascinatingly bizarre, all you are left with is his terrible, terrible filmmaking.” – EntertainmentTell, 12/13/2013

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Out Of The Furnace

“This is a simple redneck revenge story, but director Scott Cooper has no stomach for genre satisfactions. Bookended by Eddie Vedder warbling ‘Release Me’ over the credits, Out Of The Furnace is a humorless, ponderously solemn dirge that all but chokes on its own oppressive aura of self-importance.” – EntertainmentTell, 12/05/2013

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Bettie Page Reveals All 2

“The pin-up legend gets fawning fan treatment in this shoddily made, amateur-hour barrage of chintzy music, stock footage and flashy video effects that were presumably state of the art during the Reagan administration. Still, the photographs endure and there are worse ways to spend 101 minutes than looking at Bettie Page.” – Philadelphia City Paper, 12/05/2013

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Homefront isn’t bad, for what it is. In an amusingly Stallone-d riff on the Yasmina Reza play God of Carnage, it’s the parents who belong in the playground, escalating the conflict as Statham models a variety of mesh trucker hats and Canadian tuxedos, insisting that he doesn’t want any trouble.” – The Improper Bostonian, 12/04/2013

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