“Featuring nine new features packed into three days at the Brattle, the autumn event is a straight-up binge for movie buffs. But while previous installments may have provided area audiences with our first looks at Moonlight, Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, there’s more to the series than just early peeks at Oscar contenders.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 10/16/2018

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“Chazelle diminishes one of humanity’s most astonishing accomplishments into the semi-suicidal refuge of a broken man who refuses to grieve. This dour, unpleasant film wallows in a masochistic self-abnegation similar to the director’s 2014 music school psychodrama Whiplash, except banging on astrophysics instead of drums.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 10/12/2018

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“Particularly now, when the world is too much with us, it can be enormously cathartic to just go into a dark room and sob for a little while. Cooper’s confidently melodramatic remake of A Star Is Born understands this better than most pictures. It’s a big, brashly old-fashioned pop entertainment. This is the kind of movie everybody says they don’t make anymore.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 10/04/2018

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Honored to join host Blake Howard on his epic discussion of Michael Mann’s magnum opus, one minute at a time. We talk about the electricity of opening night, the strangeness of two New York guys starring in a Los Angeles crime saga and the peculiarities of Pacino’s performance, including his poor phone manners and some of the all-time great gum acting.One HEAT Minute, 10/01/2018

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“A blisteringly comic critique of hysterical misogyny that plays like a slightly stoned version of The Crucible out in the wild. Rungano Nyoni’s swaggeringly assured debut walks the line between inspired lunacy and abject devastation. I Am Not A Witch is a blast of absurdist outrage that’s seriously funny until all of the sudden it’s not anymore.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 09/28/2018

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“The novel’s themes are bluntly articulated, yet also too abstractly rendered to play out in a satisfying cinematic context. Stripped of Fitzgerald’s prose, the events as depicted don’t pack much dramatic punch. This is no slight on the source material, just a reminder that not every novel needs to be a movie. In fact, most of them probably shouldn’t.” – North Shore Movies, 09/27/2018

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BLAZE - Still 1

“Pitched somewhere between a tall tale and an expose, marinated in the whiskey and cocaine benders of outlaw country music’s juke joint fringe, it’s a richly ambivalent film about artistic expression as its own reward and the bad romance of our most destructive impulses. If a movie could smell this one would reek of old cigarette butts and stale beer.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 09/21/2018

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