Thor 3

“At least sixty percent of Thor: The Dark World consists of characters frantically running around trying to explain the plot to one another, hurling monster-sized gobs of exposition regarding the increasingly arbitrary rules of this fantasy universe. It’s like hearing a story told by an over-excited five-year-old who’s making it up as he goes along.” – EntertainmentTell, 11/07/2013

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Great Expectations

Great Expectations is fine, I guess. The movie proceeds professionally and unspectacularly through a story that’s pretty much impossible to screw up. What’s missing is any spark of urgency or inspiration. This business-like adaptation hums along about as well as a movie can when it has no real reason to exist.” – EntertainmentTell, 11/07/2013

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12 Years 3

12 Years A Slave is not the story of one man’s struggle. This is not a triumph of the human spirit over adversity. It is an autopsy of a systemic pathology that poisoned a nation, laid bare once and for all by a filmmaker without a sentimental bone in his body. We have seen movies about the horrors of slavery before. This one is about the mechanics.” – The Improper Bostonian, 11/06/2013

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Diana 6

“It’s almost fun for a little while, with all the skulking around in disguises and thinking they’ve fooled the palace guards. Watts and Andrews mount a heroic battle against playwright Stephen Jeffreys’ script. But soon the tabloids take their toll and it’s clear Hirschbiegel is hell-bent on turning this into an incredibly depressing remake of Notting Hill.” – Metro, 11/01/2013

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