Left Behind

“Cage bottoms out big-time with this chintzy reboot of a Christian movie franchise that previously starred noted Stephen Hawking-debunker and evangelical pest Kirk Cameron. Left Behind has the flimsy sets and tinny synthesizer score (not to mention the character names) of a 1980’s porn flick. and Nic’s embarrassment comes through in his performance.” – North Shore Movies, 10/05/2014

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Men Women And Children

“A hysterical treatise about how that insidious collection of tubes called the Internet has destroyed our family values and ruined everybody’s lives, this has got to be the crotchetiest, most alarmist movie ever directed by a 36-year-old man. Men, Women & Children would probably be the worst film released all year, had Jason Reitman not also made Labor Day.” – Movie Mezzanine, 10/02/2014

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Motivational Growth

“But something’s slightly off about Ian’s upward trajectory. He’s suffering from bizarre, ever-expanding interstitial interludes–surreal gross-out hallucinations inspired by crappy eighties television programs and exercise videos.  The spot-on parodies include Tough As Nails Tiger Team A and (my personal favorite) Officer Zygor, Alien Cop.” – North Shore Movies, 10/02/2014

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