Being The Ricardos is shockingly dismissive of its subject’s genius, allowing Kidman to fumble her way through some brief, half-hearted slapstick while the movie is more interested in another one of Sorkin’s beloved toxic workplaces, where everybody walks-and-talks with their chests puffed out, sputtering profanities and constantly trying to one-up each other.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 12/09/2021

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“The series is an indulgence, admits the Brattle’s creative director Ned Hinkle. ‘I’m not too shy to say it is my 50th birthday this year and this is my gift to myself. When I think about movies that were formative for me or are special to me, it seems like a lot of them come from 1984, a year that gave us Buckaroo Banzai, Repo Man and Streets Of Fire,’ he smiles.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 12/08/2021

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“Fabietto so hates the crummy hand he’s been dealt, he wants to create an entirely different reality to live in, and cinema allows him to build newer, more beautiful worlds from scratch. I’m not sure The Hand Of God always works, but I felt like I understood something important about Sorrentino and his elaborately constructed pictures when it was over.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 12/01/2021

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“Branagh and his regular cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos obviously saw Roma a whole bunch of times and liked it a lot, borrowing the low-contrast black-and-white digital video, distractingly hyper-separated audio tracks and approaching every shot from the most unexpected, obtuse angle they could possibly find. Then another Van Morrison song comes on.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 12/01/2021

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