“It’s a film about listlessness and inertia, and being bored in unfamiliar places. Take Me Somewhere Nice unfurls in a hazy torpor, like a record playing at the wrong speed. So many scenes begin with Alma waking up and wondering where she is, a groggy sensation that the movie makes mutual. But when it’s over you feel like you’ve been someplace.” – North Shore Movies, 06/17/2021

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“Shot in stunning, super-high-contrast 16mm black-and-white, the picture presents a child’s-eye perspective of endless possibility and wonder, in which every landscape looks like a cross between a junkyard and a playground. This is the kind of movie that you want to hold dear, even when it’s being as messy and mood-swingy as one of the kids it chronicles.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 06/17/2021

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“An antidote to pandering crap like Hillbilly Elegy, the movie eschews melodramatic flourishes, and I could have watched these characters busting each other’s chops in the factory breakroom or goofing around down at the roller rink all day. Writer-director Riegel says it was inspired by her own experiences growing up and you can tell from the textures.” – North Shore Movies, 06/10/2021

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“Larraín’s entrancingly artsy Jackie turned the White House into the Overlook Hotel, with Natalie Portman’s blood-spattered widow wandering the historic halls like a ghost in a pillbox hat. The best segments of Lisey’s Story have a similarly shell-shocked effect, collapsing past and present with scenes from their marriage bleeding into the echoey, empty now.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 06/03/2021

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“The movie has had a rough reception stateside, perhaps predictably, because Lessovitz’s story sees a minority subculture through the eyes of a straight, white male protagonist, one of the worst crimes you can commit according to the current cultural commentariat. It doesn’t matter to such folks that this is a sensitive, thoughtful feature debut.” – North Shore Movies, 05/31/2021

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“The movie is constantly trying to upend our expectations of the teen sex comedy, pointedly reframing obligatory tropes like the ladies’ locker room scene to sly, subversive effect. There’s something liberating about letting the ‘good girls’ talk dirty about their desires for a change, and one particular period joke almost made me fall out of my chair.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 05/27/2021

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“Individual set-pieces are spectacular, but this meandering, sometimes mournful affair is more interested in world-building and backstory than the task at hand. The movie often seems to forget its irresistible premise entirely, opting instead to make the umpteenth ripoff of Aliens, with a beat-for-beat plot-point allegiance that’s almost actionable.” – North Shore Movies, 05/21/2021

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“I understand it can be difficult to maintain an atmosphere of stability for the children while jet-setting from luxury hotel to luxury hotel, but perhaps showing off the empty extra room included in your rider for storing seventeen suitcases’ worth of shoes and clothes at every stop is not the best way to engender audience sympathy at this particular moment.” – North Shore Movies, 05/21/2021

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“The movie is being sold as a simple shoot ‘em up, but Riders Of Justice is a much stranger, sweeter film than the one that’s being advertised. All of these characters are severely damaged in one way or another, and on this odd adventure they learn to face their demons together. It’s like an action movie in which family therapy scenes keep breaking out.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 05/20/2021

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“Everyone understands we’re here to see Jolie in her first action movie since 2010’s Salt. She struts, she swears, she gets drunk and parachutes off the back of a speeding pickup truck. Angelina outruns bolts of lightning and her sensitive mama bear side comes out by teaching the kid filthy rhymes about fucking pheasants. Gawd, I’ve missed our girl.” – North Shore Movies, 05/17/2021

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