“Director Oliver Hermanus has a dryly witty way of observing how the exaggerated swagger of performative masculinity can so easily become charged with homoeroticism. (I already mentioned the moustache.) It can get a little precious, but Moffie keeps us on edge with constant reminders of the grave dangers accompanying these desires.” – North Shore Movies, 04/09/2021

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“These are classy, educated people who know which wine pairs best with your fish, but precious little, as it turns out, about their own hearts. So they talk. Heavens, do they talk. Rohmer’s characters talk themselves around in circles, in and out of affairs. They construct elaborate excuses for doing what they feel like or make up ridiculous reasons why they won’t.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 04/01/2021

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“It was that same feeling I got while watching Wonder Woman 1984 and realizing none of the scenes correspond with each other because they were all from different drafts and different writers and different meetings and nobody had a vision of how the movie was supposed to fit together. But that doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Nobody cares.” – North Shore Movies, 04/01/2021

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“Our desire is to continue to be here for those generations of people to come who aren’t finding what they want on TikTok or Twitch, or even on Netflix or Amazon Prime. They’re looking for a way to find a different experience of the world and the Brattle has always provided that, and we want to make sure that it continues to provide that for people.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 03/26/2021

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“Shatner and Smart are old pros who know how to bat it back and forth, but as soon as their relationship threatens to become interesting the screenplay starts piling on idiotic misunderstandings. Most of the unnecessary antics in this film could have been resolved with a simple conversation, but modern movies don’t like treating the elderly as adults.” – North Shore Movies, 03/26/2021

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“Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of 1990s nostalgia is the anodyne shit that’s being celebrated. I’m especially baffled by folks looking back fondly on Blockbuster Video, a vile, censorious institution that preyed upon local businesses and sucked all the funky individuality out of video store culture, leaving behind thousands of deserted blue-and-yellow storefronts.” – North Shore Movies, 03/24/2021

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“For better and worse, the kind of deeply personal, idiosyncratic expression that’s normally never allowed to escape from the superhero industrial complex. The gargantuan four-hour running time is absurd, yet also an essential part of Snyder’s enormously overblown, sacramental vision. It is grand. It is ridiculous. It is, by anybody’s definition of the word, cinema.” – North Shore Movies, 03/22/2021

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“A riveting recollection of an artistic eruption amid the crumbling ruins of New York City in the late 1970s. It’s about the birth of a confrontationally queer sensibility, the quiet tyranny of the donor class and the impossibility of separating politics from art, particularly during a pandemic that’s ravaging parts of the population deemed undesirable by people in power.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 03/19/2021

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KID 90

“A peek at ‘90s Hollywood kids partying and engaging in various image-incongruous activities that would no doubt horrify their parents and infuriate their agents. However obnoxiously edited, the film offers a touching glimpse of a cultural moment shortly before the paparazzi became fully weaponized and the Internet turned the whole world into a tabloid.” – North Shore Movies, 03/15/2021

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“This is an office entombed by tradition, on the precipice of a great change nobody can see coming. Indeed, what’s most affecting is the wistful evocation of an era in eclipse. The story’s sometimes stock situations take on a melancholy undertow because we know we’re watching a bunch of analog dinosaurs who are about to be wiped out by a digital comet.” – North Shore Movies, 03/09/2021

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